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The course

I offer both one to one courses and group courses, so whether you prefer the social, supportive element of a group session or the more intimate nature of a private session I have something to offer you.

You can begin a course at any point during your pregnancy, the more time you have to practice the better! Most mums usually start around 25-30 weeks but if you are outside of this please don’t be discouraged, some mums have taken courses at 40 weeks and still found it to be very helpful.

Classes are for mothers and their birth partners, whether that’s dad, your sister, a friend, whoever you wish to have supporting you during labour. Each course, whether taken privately or in a group, consists of 10-12 hours of teaching, covering the following content.

Briefly, the course structure is as follows:

Session One
The basics

What is Hypnobirthing?

The Importance of Words

What Happens during Labour

Session Two
The Relaxing One

Introduction to ‘Up’ Breathing

Visualisations and Relaxation

Positions for Birth

Pelvic Floor Exercises and Perineal Massage

Session Three
The What If’s

Taking Responsibility for Your Birth

Birth Partner’s Questions

Guidance on Induction of Labour

Increasing your Confidence

Session Four
Birth Preperation

Where to Give Birth?

Making a Birth Proposal

What to do during Labour

Introduction to ‘Down’ breathing

Once Your Baby Is Here

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The options

Happy couple waiting for baby

One-to-one sessions

I offer private, bespoke one to one sessions for you and your birth partner within the comfort of your own home.  Please see the course page for more information on the course structure and availability.

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pregnant women in a class

Group sessions

Group classes are a brilliant chance to get to meet other parents who are expecting at a similar time to you, to make new friends and to prepare for birth in a friendly, supportive and informal environment.

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Newborn baby girl right after delivery, shallow focus

The Positive Induction Course

While induction of labour is something that should be very carefully considered, some women do have a genuine medical need for an induction.  If you have decided that an induction is what is right for you and your baby I firmly believe that you can still have a positive birth experience and have specifically designed this course to help you achieve that.

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baby and mum with c section scar

The Gentle Caesarean Course

Many women choose an elective caesarean where there is good reason that this is the safest method for their baby to be born.  Deciding to give birth via c-section is a strong and courageous decision, but can be fraught with worry, fear and stress.  I have devised a course tailored to alleviating those fears and helping you feel powerful, calm and confident as you bring your baby into the world.

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