I’m fortunate to have worked with some amazing couples, here are some of things they have had to say about my classes:

Pregnant couple sitting on a bench holding a pair of small baby shoes

I cannot thank Charlotte enough for all the work she has done with myself and Daniel to get ready to meet our bubba in 8 weeks.  We opted for the 1:1 sessions and they are fantastic! Anyone pregnant or planning a baby, this is the lady for you!! Totally amazing, thank you for everything x

Becky & Daniel

Thank you so much Charlotte for being such a kind and compassionate person and arming us with the knowledge and confidence every couple deserves before the birth of their baby.  We came out of each session feeling really inspired and empowered.  We can’t thank you enough for instilling us with a sense of positivity and excitement approaching the most important event of our lives.

We felt you did an excellent job of tailoring it to us as a couple and were very open to answering the many questions we threw at you.

We were delighted to learn how to make informed choices around interventions as well as relaxation and breathing techniques.  We expected the course to be more focussed on the latter but it was much deeper than that.  We both feel exceptionally well informed about everything from the physiology of birth to the process of induction to how to remain relaxed and calm.

Sophie & Josh

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I had no idea what hypnobirthing (or really actually birth in general) involved and my wife booked us onto this course. This course really highlighted what I didn’t know that I didn’t know, which was a lot. It completely changed my perception of labour, which had been passively constructed over the years from overheard stories and of course – TV. Charlotte’s advice has left me feeling confident as a husband and birthing partner as to my role and what I need to be doing to support my wife. I realise it’s probably unlikely that dads-to-be will be the ones booking this course, but my advice would be to approach it with an open mind, it’s really good stuff. If possible, I would recommend seeing Charlotte on a one-to-one basis, it gave us time to ask a lot of questions that were specific to us. Highly recommend.


Happy couple waiting for baby

I met Charlotte from Bloom Hypnobirthing at a baby event and felt at ease in her company straight away. I booked onto a private course so that I would be able to ask as many questions as possible, and I can honestly say the course has given me lots of confidence in my ability to birth my baby, whatever happens during the labour. I highly recommend Bloom to anyone who has any anxieties about giving birth: Charlotte had lots and lots of time for my particular questions and worries, and she has really helped me feel very positive and relaxed about my upcoming birth. The course is based on scientific evidence about women’s natural ability women to birth comfortably. The knowledge Charlotte brought forth from the course means i am confident I am making informed choices decisions about my birth preferences. Charlotte is really easy to get along with and made the course fun for me and my partner, and expertly steered me the course to our level and needs.


Pregnant couple reading on sofa

My husband and I had a private course with Charlotte at our home. We both really enjoyed it! Not only did we have a great time but we also learnt so much. We both feel really positive about the birth and it’s awesome to know that if we have any need, Charlotte is there to answer any questions we have and guide us through any decisions. She’s a great teacher, and understood the different challenges that our life presents. She was really positive in discussing these with us! The resources that Charlotte provided us with are fab – and we feel really prepared and encouraged in our journey. She was really great at reassuring my husband about his perceptions and he felt really able to embrace hypnobirthing and how to play his role during our labour. We really can not recommend Charlotte and her course enough! You won’t find a friendlier, more approachable and professional individual if you tried! Thanks so much.


Expectant Mother and Father reading a book together

My husband and I booked a private course with Charlotte after scheduling an induction due to complications in pregnancy.

I was nervous of birth as it was and induction was not something I wanted for myself.

Charlotte very kindly tailored her course to make a bespoke one for our situation. She did a lot of work with us to learn about the process, release my fears and give us ideas on how DH could best support me. With her help, we also planned a lovely day for the day before to get the oxytocin flowing.

In the end, birth was the most amazing experience of my life. I’d built it up to be something awful and scary, and while it was intense and painful in places, it was an overwhelmingly positive thing for me and I’d do it all again. Considering where I was mentally when we first met, I don’t doubt that Charlotte played a massive part in making it so wonderful, so thank you so much for everything! We’re over the moon.


Newborn baby girl right after delivery, shallow focus

It was more than I could have asked for, I feel so much more prepared and informed. Ready to “boss” this pregnancy!!! The honesty, the information, the diagrams (lol) and the sheer dedication and passion Charlotte clearly has for the subject really helped us to learn and want to learn too!  Thank you for your time care and dedication. We really appreciate everything you have done for us xx


Pregnant couple sitting on a bench holding a pair of small baby shoes

Charlotte was amazing. I was induced due to medical reasons and I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect and it was far from the natural water birth I wanted! Charlottes sessions were brilliant, she was so knowledgeable, confident, reassuring and answered all of my questions and more!! The relaxations helped hugely during labour! I ended up having a really positive birth, but if I hadn’t met Charlotte and hypnobirthing it would have been an entirely different story and I honestly think my birth would have been horrific. I went into hospital informed, in control, confident and fully aware of the induction procedure and what would happen, and what I could ask for! 100% recommend, Charlotte is amazing and her course is brilliant!!!

Alice – First time mum

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Deciding which sort of course to attend when you want to get prepared for a new arrival is pretty tough. I’m a first time “mum to be” and I knew that I wanted to gather as much information as I could to help me. I’d heard about NCT and Hypnobirting; both had positive reviews amongst friends however hypnobirthing for me appealed the most. I knew I wanted a calm environment for our baby to be born into.

I was lucky enough that one of my friends knew Charlotte and so put me in touch with her. Charlotte has a natural ability to make you feel calm and empowered. There was never a time when I felt I couldn’t ask a question or waffle on about something I’d heard. Charlotte was really clear, honest, calm and enabled us to build our knowledge and understanding of the options and choices we have without any judgement. She made me feel like I could make any decisions necessary and they would be the right ones for us and our baby.

When we first started I had a pretty calm and open approach. I wasn’t too bothered about birth plans as I felt our baby and the hospital would kind of dictate what would happen. The biggest shift for me has been building my understanding that in absolutely every situation or circumstance there is a choice or an option. Something they don’t necessarily tell you within other courses. I found our antenatal class was rather limited. I could see faces around me in the room becoming more anxious as the midwife went through pain relief and c-sections. Whilst I smugly remained calm knowing it didn’t have to be like that and even if a c-section was a decision we made there was a way to continue to use the hypnobirthing techniques we had learnt to make it as calm as possible.

Moving forward I feel empowered to write a birth proposal for every eventuality. My previous idea of a “birth plan” was pretty basic and more like a “I’ll accept anything” with the medical professionals being “in charge”. I’m in control now, I know my body and I know my baby. Together with my partner I know we will make the right decisions for us and our baby.

At the start of the course my plan due to Group-B Strep was phone the hospital, go in, do as instructed. Now the plan is changing; we’re exploring home-birth, writing down a birth proposal for each possible outcome. The beauty of hypnobirthing is the knowledge it gives you to make informed choices. Every couple is unique, every baby is unique but we all have the ability to birth our babies in the best possible way.

The relaxations have helped me more than I realised initially. I have seen a noticeable difference in my sleeping. So far the relaxations have helped me to become more confident and all whilst I fall asleep. I already feel more relaxed and less anxious.

It also made me more self-aware; like my avoidance of packing a hospital bag…I have been putting it off for weeks. The list is written but I’m yet to put it all together. I don’t have a phobia of hospitals but subconsciously my instinct appears to be to stay at home in my safe environment. As an organised person normally I have to listen to that instinct. I may need to go to the hospital so I know now how to do that in a way that keeps me in my hypno “bubble”.

We haven’t had our baby yet but I feel excited about giving birth. I never thought I’d hear anyone say that let alone myself! We don’t know whether we are having a boy or a girl and interestingly I have been so excited about the labour and birth experience I’d kind of forgotten that we will finally get to find out what sex our little one is!

I highly recommend not just hypnobirthing but Charlotte as teacher and mentor!

Lucy – first time mum

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If it were possible to put every expectant mother, particularly first time mothers through a hypnobirthing course, whether they chose to give birth in a hospital or at home, I am sure that the need for intervention and the number of emergency cases would dramatically reduce.

This is about giving women back the skills that they have forgotten.


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