I’m fortunate to have worked with some amazing couples, here are some of things they have had to say about my classes:

Pregnant couple sitting on a bench holding a pair of small baby shoes

My partner and I opted for one-to-one hypnobirthing sessions with Charlotte and we’re so glad we did! Charlotte made us feel comfortable and relaxed right from the first session and the course was really well structured to walk us through hypnobirthing techniques.
As second-time parents I was amazed by how much we didn’t know or hadn’t considered around pregnancy and birth, especially that the whole thing can be such a positive and shared experience.
We both came away from the sessions with huge confidence for the birth and so much excitement to meet our new baby!

Alan & Charlotte

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Cannot believe I haven’t written this recommendation earlier. How I forgot I do not know. I cannot recommend Charlotte enough, she is a one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. She welcomed me into each session with a warm smile and a check on how I was personally before moving on to educate myself and my partner on all things hypnobirthing. I had the most amazing birth, I felt confident through my pregnancy and with the guidance i gained from what I had learnt I was able to confidently make my own decision to refuse an Induction 3 times (no problems with baby, just predicted small, offered due to it being procedural). By refusing, I went on to have a safe and very quick natural water birth, everything I wanted. I still to this day use the breathing techniques I learnt if I ever find myself feeling worried about anything. Once again thank you Charlotte. Still to this day you are only an email away. Cannot wait to catch up soon. Lots of love Stacey x

Stacey & Mike

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As a soon-to-be 2nd time dad, I really wish we did hypnobirthing the 1st time round. Apart from learning various relaxation techniques and a lot of useful information about the birth experience from an impartial and knowledgeable source, it equipped both myself and my other half in the tools needed to have a relaxed birth on our terms. All in 1-to-1 sessions, tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, in the comfort of our own home. We can’t thank or rate Charlotte enough, who was very friendly, approachable and made the whole experience a really pleasant learning curve. 100% recommend to any expecting couples, whether it’s your 1st or 10th.

The course was a lot more informative than I expected it to be as my initial expectations were more along the lines of just relaxation techniques. It allowed us to make more informed decisions about the birth and helped debug some birthing myths.

Now we are very much looking forward to our baby’s birth and plan to have a home birth after initially being very sceptical about it. I was very much against it, whilst my other half was considering it but Charlotte gave us a lot of useful, insightful and most importantly impartial information about the pros and cons, which ultimately allowed us to make a confident and informed decision, which we are very pleased with.

I would just like to thank Charlotte for all the time she’s spent with us and her help, guidance and support. Both myself and my partner feel that we have massively benefited from taking this course and we have already recommended it to a number of our friends.

Jakub – second time dad

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My partner and are knew nothing about hypnobirth or the process of birth at all and now we feel confident and informed.

I have confidence and knowledge now whereas before I felt like I wasn’t sure. I’m well prepared. Birth is a natural process. Whereas before I thought of it as quite clinical and procedure led. Now I think of it as I’m in charge and I will lead the way with my body and baby knowing best

Alice & Jack

The course has made us both much more relaxed about the whole birthing experience. Having the knowledge and a better understanding of how to prepare yourself and keep calm and relaxed throughout. We learnt a lot more about the choices available to us and giving us the confidence to put in place how we would like our birthing experience to go, making sure we were also prepared for a sudden change of plan and the ability to keep calm.

We would both like to thank you Charlotte for all your help in preparing us for our baby and how to deliver him or her into a calm relaxed environment. We are very grateful for the kindness you showed us and the knowledge you have passed on. We will keep in touch and are very grateful to you for all your help.

Lucy & Paul

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I had heard good things about hypnobirthing however I was a little skeptical and was unsure whether I could fully embrace the idea of it. Even at the first session my views changed dramatically and I felt I gained so much over the sessions.

Charlotte was absolutely fantastic, she was on hand every step of the way. She helped build our confidence surrounding all aspects of my pregnancy and labour. I took on board all advice given and we felt due to the new gained knowledge we became confidence with all decisions being made. My partner experiences periods of anxiety and the way he dealt with the birth was amazing. He was confident and able to support me throughout. I cannot thank Charlotte enough.

Stacey & Mike

sleeping baby

I cannot thank Charlotte enough for all the work she has done with myself and Daniel to get ready to meet our bubba in 8 weeks.  We opted for the 1:1 sessions and they are fantastic! Anyone pregnant or planning a baby, this is the lady for you!! Totally amazing, thank you for everything x

Becky & Daniel

Thank you so much Charlotte for being such a kind and compassionate person and arming us with the knowledge and confidence every couple deserves before the birth of their baby.  We came out of each session feeling really inspired and empowered.  We can’t thank you enough for instilling us with a sense of positivity and excitement approaching the most important event of our lives.

We felt you did an excellent job of tailoring it to us as a couple and were very open to answering the many questions we threw at you.

We were delighted to learn how to make informed choices around interventions as well as relaxation and breathing techniques.  We expected the course to be more focussed on the latter but it was much deeper than that.  We both feel exceptionally well informed about everything from the physiology of birth to the process of induction to how to remain relaxed and calm.

Sophie & Josh

baby and mother's hand

I had no idea what hypnobirthing (or really actually birth in general) involved and my wife booked us onto this course. This course really highlighted what I didn’t know that I didn’t know, which was a lot. It completely changed my perception of labour, which had been passively constructed over the years from overheard stories and of course – TV. Charlotte’s advice has left me feeling confident as a husband and birthing partner as to my role and what I need to be doing to support my wife. I realise it’s probably unlikely that dads-to-be will be the ones booking this course, but my advice would be to approach it with an open mind, it’s really good stuff. If possible, I would recommend seeing Charlotte on a one-to-one basis, it gave us time to ask a lot of questions that were specific to us. Highly recommend.


Happy couple waiting for baby

I met Charlotte from Bloom Hypnobirthing at a baby event and felt at ease in her company straight away. I booked onto a private course so that I would be able to ask as many questions as possible, and I can honestly say the course has given me lots of confidence in my ability to birth my baby, whatever happens during the labour. I highly recommend Bloom to anyone who has any anxieties about giving birth: Charlotte had lots and lots of time for my particular questions and worries, and she has really helped me feel very positive and relaxed about my upcoming birth. The course is based on scientific evidence about women’s natural ability women to birth comfortably. The knowledge Charlotte brought forth from the course means i am confident I am making informed choices decisions about my birth preferences. Charlotte is really easy to get along with and made the course fun for me and my partner, and expertly steered me the course to our level and needs.


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