Norwich Pregnancy Supper & Social Club

The Norwich Pregnancy Supper & Social Club is an exciting social event for mums to be in and around Norwich.

One of the things I am really passionate about is providing support to mums to be and new mums.  Having three children I am aware that, as exciting and wonderful as having a baby is, it can leave you feeling a bit lonely or isolated as you navigate pregnancy and motherhood and all that comes with it. Not just that but pregnancy can be HARD!

It’s not easy to juggle work, life commitments etc and still make time for you. It’s even harder to try and find women in a similar position to you, pregnant and feeling like they could do with someone to chat to, someone who is experiencing all the emotions you are, someone who GETS it

So that’s why I have launched this event, because I would have loved something like this when I was preggo and think you might too! This isn’t about ‘business’, ‘followers’ or ‘the gram’, this is about connecting mums together to make friends and find support. It’s about getting together with local women who’s experiences are probably pretty similar to yours, bonding over shared stories of morning sickness, ‘the glow’ (or lack of), hormones, baby shopping, birth plans and everything in between so that when your baby is here you have a ready made gang of mum mates there to support you through all that brings with it.

We all need more mates right?

Sounds pretty nice huh? The first event was a sell out and a really brilliant evening, food, drink and chat were in full flow and everyone agreed it was a really lovely way to spend an evening. So come along! You don’t have to bring anyone with you, this event is totally inclusive and I want you to make friends, so if you feel nervous about coming along I’d urge you to step outside your comfort zone just this once, I’d love to see you, I’ve been where you are and I don’t bite.

Lots of love,

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