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Charlotte at BBC

Bloom featured on BBC Radio Norfolk

Last Friday I was invited to take part in an interview with Sophie Little of BBC Radio Norfolk as part of their series looking at parenting.  I can’t deny I was super nervous, I’ve never done radio before (apart from a questionable workplace quiz where I was an embarrassingly quiet team member a few years back) but I swallowed my fear and headed to the BBC Studios at The Forum, hoping that my mind wouldn’t go blank and my mouth wouldn’t dry up!  

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Ross and Rachel in hospital having baby

The One Where Rachel Has a Baby

Oh. My. God!!
I’ve recently been watching old episodes of Friends on Netflix.  I still love it and it just never gets old (although it makes me feel old realising that it finished a whole 15 years ago whaaat?!)
Anyway, I found myself watching the episode where Ross and Rachel have a baby and wow did it stress me out.

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Mothercare Expectant Parent Event

I will be attending the upcoming Mothercare Expectant Parent Events on 2nd and 13th June at Riverside, Norwich.  These events are a great way to meet some relevant businesses, have a look at what is on offer, obtain expert advice and also take advantage of offers that Mothercare and other businesses may have on the day.  Places need to be booked and you can get your tickets here.  I look forward to seeing you there! x

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Positive thinking positive outcome picture

Think Positive!

How many of you were flooded with negative birth stories the moment you started telling people you were expecting?  What is the deal with that?! Everyone from your sister to the supermarket checkout lady can’t wait to tell you how many days they were in labour/stitches they needed/painful it was/traumatised they were etc etc etc.  

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Pregnant woman on bed

Hands Off The Breech!

You may have seen in the press recently the suggestion by UK researchers that all mothers should be offered a scan at 36 weeks to detect whether their baby is in a breech presentation. Whilst I understand the premise behind this is to prevent potential poor outcomes for babies in breech presentation, I have to say honestly the idea of blanket screening in this manner makes me mildly uncomfortable.

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Picture showing bloom hypnobirthing folder, book, framed pictures and flowers.

What a fantastic day!

I went along to The Parent & Baby Show at the UEA, Norwich yesterday and had a truly lovely time.  It was the first ‘big’ show I’ve done and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many parents to be and other businesses. 

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Advert offering 10% off courses booked this weekend

Special Parent & Baby Show Offer!

As you know I am going to be exhibiting at The Parent and Baby Show this Sunday, 14th April.  To celebrate I have decided to offer a very special 10% discount to anyone at the show who books ANY of my courses this weekend.

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