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Just Say No (if you want to)

One thing I’ve noticed over recent times is how many women, and their partners, understandably believe that many interventions are standard and happen without us being given a choice. I get that, so many are just ‘routine’ these days and so it’s become the norm that we’ll encounter them at some point and so there is a perception that we don’t get to say no. I want you to know that this is absolutely NOT the case-you do not have to agree to any intervention that you are not completely happy to accept.

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Mothercare Expectant Parent Event

I will be attending the upcoming Mothercare Expectant Parent Events on 2nd and 13th June at Riverside, Norwich.  These events are a great way to meet some relevant businesses, have a look at what is on offer, obtain expert advice and also take advantage of offers that Mothercare and other businesses may have on the day.  Places need to be booked and you can get your tickets here.  I look forward to seeing you there! x

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Happy couple waiting for baby

Father’s Day Offer!

I did it for mums, so I’m doing it for dads! In honour of Father’s Day I’m offering a special 15% discount on any private course booked during June 2019.  Help the dad to be in your life prepare for labour and birth, learn how to be an amazing birth partner, support you, fill you with confidence and protect your space.  It is a gift that will make such a difference to both of your experiences and the effects of this last a lifetime – cheesy as it sounds, it’s the truth. 

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