NEW COURSE – Positive Induction
3 Sep

Induction in the UK is on the rise.  1 in 3 births are now induced, for a variety of reasons, some more valid than others. I myself have had three inductions, with varying experiences.  I don’t want to go into the details of the first one but I can say it took me many years to recover from.  I can also say that had ten years ago anyone sat me down and explained in detail the process of induction, how to work with my body, my mind, my birth partner, my caregivers, my environment to make the process as gentle as possible then I am quite sure that my experience, both during labour and postnatally, would have been very different.

I have therefore decided to launch this very special course aimed specifically at women who have made an informed and confident choice to accept induction of labour.  I hope that by working through the process of induction and offering support in how to work with the body and mind and your birth partner during the process I can help more women to have the positive birth experience that all women deserve.  Please click here for more information on the course structure and to book a place.

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