Just Say No (if you want to)
3 Aug

One thing I’ve noticed over recent times is how many women, and their partners, understandably believe that many interventions are standard and happen without us being given a choice. I get that, so many are just ‘routine’ these days and so it’s become the norm that we’ll encounter them at some point and so there is a perception that we don’t get to say no. I want you to know that this is absolutely NOT the case-you do not have to agree to any intervention that you are not completely happy to accept. Not sure you want a sweep? Decline it. Don’t like the idea of vaginal examinations? Don’t have them. Gone past due date and worried that means automatic induction? Only if you want one. You have a choice in EVERYTHING that happens to you and must make decisions on interventions from a place of confidence and information. Interventions can and do have an affect on the progress of labour, on the need for further interventions, on your baby, on birth and on how you feel about it and that is why it is vitally important that you find out what those affects are before you agree to anything. Approach each proposed intervention individually and decide whether it’s right for you and your baby. Only then can you be confident in your choice and know you did what was best for you and for your baby. To find out about interventions and the effects they can have on labour please do get in touch for information on my Hypnobirthing course. I really want you to have an incredible birth, and knowing your choices is a significant part of ensuring you do, but you need to find out what those choices are if you going to be able to make them x

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