Bloom featured in El Pais!
8 Apr

After appearing in the Norfolk EDP in March (see article here) I was contacted by journalist Veronica Paloma, who writes for El Pais, a Spanish national newspaper.  She was putting together an article around Meghan Markle’s reported decision to use hypnobirthing, acupuncture, employ a doula etc, in preparation for the birth of her baby and wanted to interview me about hypnobirthing and what it entails.  Evidently hypnobirthing isn’t something many people know about in Spain and I was very pleased to contribute and help dispel myths and preconceptions about it.  I really do hope that as a result more women will choose to engage in hypnobirthing classes and go on to have a better birth experience.   It does sadden me the perception that her choices are opulent or over indulgent, as like any other woman she has the right to choose whatever methods of birth preparation she darn well wants!  In my opinion nobody should be criticised for wanting to be prepared for the biggest life event they are likely to encounter and more power to her for refusing to follow the ‘expected’ route of other royal births and doing what she, and Harry, feel is best for them and their new baby.  I truly hope they have a wonderful experience and their baby is given the very best start to life, free from the glare of the world’s media and all the stress and pressure that must generate.  You can read my contribution to Veronica’s article here although you will need to translate the page, and I warn you it doesn’t make quite as much sense translated! Exciting times for Bloom and hopefully will go some way to ensuring more women are informed, prepared and confident in their approach to childbirth x

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