BIG News!!
4 Aug

So…I have news! It has been on my mind for quite some time that there is a shortage of postnatal support available in our local area, and this has become evident in conversations I’ve had with families I’ve worked with during pregnancy. Working with families antenatally is a dream come true, but it breaks my heart to see so many new families battling through those precious but often challenging newborn days without badly needed support. We live in a society with an overstretched healthcare service, and a society that seems to place a unnatural value on being able to ‘go it alone’ and get back to pre-baby normality as soon as possible. What this can result in is parents struggling with loneliness, uncertainty, desperation, worry, stress, exhaustion and sometimes a genuine resentment of how it feels to be a new parent, but feeling unable to ask for support or even know where to find it. This is nobody’s fault, but it is also not how it should be. We were never designed to do this whole parenting rollercoaster alone, and trying to do so can for some be so overwhelmingly difficult and really remove some of the joy from such a magical time. So, a while ago I made the decision that I want to be a part of not just your antenatal journey, but your postnatal one too. I want to be able to offer you the support so many of us need as new parents, but sadly seldom receive. I have spent the last few months training with BabyEm, a prestigious, child and family focussed childcare training academy, and last week was over the moon to hear that I have qualified as a Maternity Nurse! I am so excited for what this will mean for the future, to be able to support you as you find your feet with your beautiful new baby, to empower you as parents and to inspire confidence in yourselves as experts in YOUR baby. I will provide more details of what I will be offering very soon, but I couldn’t wait to share! 


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