Are You Ready?
19 Aug

So, you’ve got the pram, the nursery is furnished, the car seat has been tested and the baby shower planned (although you might not know about it!) and all of a sudden things are starting to seem a bit more…real. At some point you are going to need to ‘get this baby out’ and the thought of that, which you may have been trying to ignore, may be a tad, well, scary. You’ve heard stories from everyone about how awful it is, how long, how painful, visions of watermelons and bowling balls flow through your head, you’ve seen too many episodes of One Born Every Minute and whilst you are so so looking forward to meeting your amazing little baby, the process of birth is not something you are looking forward to. Well, hold up. You DESERVE to look forward to it, you DESERVE to feel confident and ready and you DESERVE to have the knowledge and info you need to take control over this most precious and life changing day. Looking ahead to October, November, December even and realising how quickly the weeks are going I thought I’d give you a little a heads up that I would LOVE to help you prepare, to help you feel everything you deserve to feel and help you understand that yes you absolutely can give birth and yes you absolutely can feel amazing during and afterwards! My one to one courses are tailored specifically to you, with evidence based, balanced and objective guidance for every eventuality, nurturing and heartfelt support through the process and birth and beyond and I’m here ready to help you plan for the most positive and beautiful experience of your life. So let’s do this together and get you feeling ready to absolutely boss your baby’s birthday. Charlotte xxx


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