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About me

Hello! I’m Charlotte, your hypnobirthing teacher! I am a mum of three fab children, married to a wonderful man and stepmum to his two fantastic kids (our house is pretty crazy and full to the brim with love!)

My interest in hypnobirthing began following two rather difficult labours with my first two children, which left me feeling very low, with a real sense of deprivation of a positive birth experience. When I fell pregnant with my third baby I decided that things would be different this time around.  Determined to not let history repeat itself, my husband and I enrolled on a local hypnobirthing course.  34 weeks pregnant, armed with a notebook and a healthy dose of scepticism, off we went!

The classes were not at all what we expected.  There was no chanting, no pendulum waved in my face and definitely no dodgy animal impressions! Instead, we were given an informative outline of the physiology of birth, information about interventions and what to expect during labour, along with techniques to assist with relaxation, focus the mind and build confidence in the ability all women have to have a fantastic, comfortable birth.

We left feeling empowered and excited.  Equipped with so much knowledge we were buzzing and couldn’t wait for labour to begin-we both felt we could really achieve the birth I so desperately wanted and the course brought us even closer together in our excitement for the arrival of our baby. Ironically, I ended up giving birth two weeks early, via C-section, on Christmas morning whilst our unopened birth pool sat on the front door step at home…not quite what either of us had in mind! However – it mattered not. The whole experience was incredibly calm and relaxed and our daughter came into the world surrounded by warmth and love.  It was AMAZING.  There was no panic, no fear, no rabbit in the headlight moments.  My husband and I had been able to make informed decisions and have control over what was happening throughout my time in hospital as a direct result of the knowledge we had gained through our classes.  I was able to relax, focus my mind and trust my body and its abilities.  I totally rocked my c-section! This further cemented my belief that hypnobirthing can and does make an enormous difference to a woman’s birth experience, whatever experience that may be.

First photo taken when Charlotte's third baby, Lila, was born

Whilst on maternity leave I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to help women like me achieve the birth they deserve.  I became obsessed with birth blogs and stories, poring over articles and posts wishing I could have helped the women I read about.  Women who were perhaps nervous first-time mums, conditioned by society to believe that labour had to be painful and traumatic, women who have had previous traumatic births and wanted things to be different, women who just felt they had no real choices in their labour.  Nine months after the birth of my daughter I couldn’t ignore this nagging anymore and so I left my job as a conveyancer and trained as a KGHypnobirthing teacher – and here I am.

Giving birth is an incredible process, one which all women are designed to do and the experience of which will inevitably have a profound effect on the rest of your life.  It is my aim to educate, empower and support you to enable you to fully understand the marvellous capabilities of your body, to trust your instincts and your abilities, to take back to responsibility for your baby’s birth rather than leave it up to chance, or to medical staff and to achieve the positive birth experience you deserve.

I can’t wait to hear from you,

Charlotte x

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