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Hello you! Are you thinking about Hypnobirthing in Norfolk?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so so glad you are here.  I imagine you’d like to find out just what hypnobirthing is all about? Maybe you’ve had friends who’ve done a course, or seen something online and wonder just what on earth it is and – more importantly – how it can help you to have an incredible, positive birth experience?!  Perhaps you’re anxious after hearing scary birth stories, or you’ve had a difficult previous experience and want to avoid history repeating itself?  Rest assured, whatever has brought you here – I am here to help you.

I’m Charlotte, a mum of three, qualified Maternity Nurse, self confessed birth obsessor and hypnobirthing teacher providing group and private hypnobirthing classes in and around Norwich, Norfolk.   I am proud to hold a Diploma in Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing, approved and accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and the training of choice for the NHS.  I’m also trained in the acclaimed ‘Biometrics for Birth’ methods and can inform mothers to be of the importance of movement during pregnancy and labour to help encourage their baby into optimal position, to assist with the progress of labour.


I truly believe that it is the right of all women to give birth with confidence, calmly and free from fear. Many of us just don’t know how (we don’t learn this stuff at school right?) but I want to change that.  I advocate knowledge, choice and respect for women and endeavour to support women to have a positive and empowering experience, whatever that might look like for them.

Please feel free to read my story to find out more about who I am and how I came to teach hypnobirthing.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to achieve the wonderful, positive, life affirming birth you and your baby deserve.  Charlotte x

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What is Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is an in-depth and evidence based birth preparation that benefits all parents, experiencing any kind of birth, in any kind of setting. My course equips you with the tools you need to be able to give birth in the most positive way possible.  In doing so, you are ensuring the best start to your new family life for you, your partner and importantly your baby. Hypnobirthing offers so much, to both mother and birth partner.  There is nothing strange, nothing ‘out there’, its simply logical, factual information that every expectant parent should receive.   For a full run down of exactly what hypnobirthing is and how it can help you prepare to meet your baby please follow the link below.

More about Hypnobirthing

The course

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One-to-one sessions

I offer private, bespoke one to one sessions for you and your birth partner within the comfort of your own home.  Please see the course page for more information on the course structure and availability.

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Group sessions

Group classes are a brilliant chance to get to meet other parents who are expecting at a similar time to you, to make new friends and to prepare for birth in a friendly, supportive and informal environment.

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The Positive Induction Course

While induction of labour is something that should be very carefully considered, some women do have a genuine medical need for an induction.  If you have decided that an induction is what is right for you and your baby I firmly believe that you can still have a positive birth experience and have specifically designed this course to help you achieve that.

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The Gentle Caesarean Course

Many women choose an elective caesarean where there is good reason that this is the safest method for their baby to be born.  Deciding to give birth via c-section is a strong and courageous decision, but can be fraught with worry, fear and stress.  I have devised a course tailored to alleviating those fears and helping you feel powerful, calm and confident as you bring your baby into the world.

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